BELGIUM NAVAL & ROBOTICS selects BALIÑO (EMENASA GROUP) to provide complete shaft lines and new propellers for the Belgian-Dutch rMCM Programme

Naval Group and Kership, a joint venture between Piriou and Naval Group, in charge of the construction of 12 Mine Countermeasure Vessels for the Belgian and the Royal Netherlands Navy have selected the Baliño proposals and designs to supply the new lines of tail shafts and main propellers.

The new rMCM vessels will be provided with state-of-the-art robust equipment to combat various threats such as mines, piracy, terrorism, maritime traffic interception, and surveillance of territorial waters. These vessels equipped with drones systems are paramount for the future operations of both the Belgian and Dutch Navy to protect the Sea-lanes and to contribute to safer seas all over the world.

The shaft lines and the main components have been designed by BALIÑO and will be produced in our factory in Vigo (Spain). In addition, the propellers, designed by VICUS DT (Emenasa Group engineering company) will be forged in our foundry FUNDIVISA in Vilagarcia de Arousa (Spain). Baliño has 60 years of expertise in high-end propulsion systems for the marine industry and Navy, with over a thousand propulsion plants delivered worldwide.

“Thanks to the expertise of BALIÑO and VICUS DT and Emenasa Group’s facility, we have satisfied all Naval Group and Kership’s requirements. We are proud to fit out the 12 vessels of the Belgian and the Dutch Navies with our propulsion system, this contract is an additional strategic opportunity for the Baliño and the whole Emenasa Group to be part of this important European project and consolidate our position in the market.” Carlos Alonso, CEO Emenasa Group.”