The Belgian-Dutch minehunter replacement programme carried out by Belgium Naval & Robotics successfully reaches the milestone “Preliminary Design Review”

On 18 December 2020, the Belgium Naval & Robotics teams reached a new contract milestone, the programme is still on track. This programme will supply the Belgian and Dutch navies with twelve minehunters equipped with unmanned systems (toolboxes). “Achieving the Preliminary Design Review confirms that the overall design meets all the client’s contractual requirements. Nearly […]

ECA GROUP and iXblue strengthen their partnership and sign a contract for navigation, underwater positioning systems and obstacle avoidance sonars for Mine CounterMeasures replacement program for the Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navies

As part of the program to replace the naval Mine Counter Measures capability of the Belgian and Dutch navies, which includes the supply of twelve minehunters equipped with drones (Toolbox), ECA GROUP has signed an agreement with iXblue for the supply of Forward Looking Sonars (FLS), as well as inertial navigation and subsea positioning and […]

ECA Group reaches another milestone with regard to the unmanned vehicles that will be manufactured in Belgium for the mine warfare programme of the Belgian Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy

ECA Robotics, a French subsidiary of ECA Group, has recently signed a contract worth several hundred million euros. This contract comprises the outsourcing to its Belgian subsidiary ECA Robotics Belgium of the manufacturing and delivery of unmanned vehicles dedicated to the underwater mine counter measures as part of the renewal of the mine countermeasures capacity. […]


ECA Group selects the UAV SKELDAR V-200 within the Belgium Naval & Robotics mine countermeasures drones system for the Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navies

ECA Group awarded UMS SKELDAR a procurement contract to supply the UAV SKELDAR V-200 as part of the naval mine countermeasures capability replacement, a programme led by Belgium Naval & Robotics – a consortium including Naval Group and ECA Group – which will supply twelve mine hunters equipped with drone systems (Toolbox) to the Belgian […]

World First: Naval Group successfully completes testing of its Launch and Recovery System up to and including NATO sea state 5/6 at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands

Naval Group achieved 100% successful recoveries of ECA Group’s Inspector 125 up to and including sea state 5/6 using its Launch and Recovery system (LARS) in MARIN test facilities (Wageningen – The Netherlands). In Naval Group’s Dutch partner MARIN facilities, Belgian and Dutch officials witnessed the 100% successful launching and recovery of USVs using Naval […]