Naval integration of drones: towards unmanned mine counter measures

Naval Group’s expertise in the integration of naval drones is fully transferable to mine warfare. In the next decade, the mine warfare will evolve into an unmanned mine warfare that will implement several types of drones or remotely operated systems, from a military mother ship. This mother ship will be designed around systems of drones […]

Naval integration of drones: a unique know-how

Naval Group has a unique experience in Europe in the integration of drones, whatever the environement or type of ship. This allows Naval Group to make a performance commitment wheneverer offering this capability to its clients. Integrating a drone aboard a military ship is a real challenge that only a naval system expert or an […]

Cybersecurity: a strategic capability for our navies

Digitalization, integration of drones, systems of systems: cybersecurity is a strategic capacity for our navies, Belgium Naval & Robotics accompanies them in the control of cyber naval risk. Video Patrick Radja, Cybersecurity expert – NAVAL GROUP

Belgium Naval & Robotics logo

Naval Group and ECA Group’s consortium has a name: Belgium Naval & Robotics

Belgium Naval & Robotics: Naval Group and ECA Group announce at Euronaval the name of their consortium created as part of the response to the Belgian-Dutch consultation for the replacement and initial support of their mine warfare capability. As partners in a consortium Belgium Naval & Robotics, formed for this call for tender, Naval Group […]

ECA Group Software Umisoft

ECA Group UMIS software suite becomes UMISOFT

In order to manage and supervise the more and more complex and modular UMISTM missions, in the last ten years, ECA Group continuously architected and developed a fully integrated software suite for UMISTM systems. This software suite has now a name: UMISOFTTM. In case of Mine Counter Measures (MCM) missions at sea, this software suite […]

When an AUV becomes a towed sonar: Birth of the T18-M

Experts in towed sonars for 40 years and in AUV for 30 years, the engineers of ECA Group imagined, from the beginning of its design in 2016, to convert the AUV A18-M in a towed sonar: the T18-M.   Ideal for implementation from a USV, the T18-M has the same launching and recovery system (LARS) […]

ECA Group – Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Systems (UMIS)

For more than forty years, ECA Group focused robust R&D efforts in developing systems of robots dedicated to Underwater Mine Warfare. ECA investments paid off because the company is in a good position today to propose its own fully integrated UMIS suite. ECA Group robots are optimized to successfully perform the three MCM tasks of […]