Our plan for cooperation, facts and figures

The Belgian industry will reap the full benefits of our strategic and industrial plan for cooperation as we commit to 4 billion Euro in turnover in Belgium over a period of 20 years of which more than 2,1 billion added value generated on Belgian territory, backed by 39 already existing partnerships.

  • The consortium is based on 2 already existing companies in Belgium. These 2 companies are able to manufacture and carry out the maintenance in Belgium. In order to do so, they will rely on many Belgian partners: the Belgian naval parts industry as well as many Belgian academic and research partners: SMEs, laboratories, universities … 39 partnerships have already been set up.


  • 4 billion Euro turnover in Belgium over 20 years of which 2,1 billion added value generated on Belgian territory, spread out over the entire country (35% in Wallonia, 15% in Brussels and 50% in Flanders) and backed by 39 already existing agreements with Belgian partners.


  • An average of 350 new jobs per year in Belgium with peaks of 500 jobs over several years, a total of 7,000 FTE over 20 years. The jobs created will mainly be skilled, stable and sustainable jobs in the high-tech field.


  • Two centres of excellence in Belgium focussed on the new technologies that will drive the development of the unmanned vehicles and the Toolbox: The MCM Lab for the technologies related to the Toolbox (artificial intelligence, underwater robotics …) and the Cyber Lab for the cybersecurity technologies, in particular essential for these unmanned systems: and the implementation of a design centre for unmanned vehicles in Brussels and a production plant for these drones in Zeebrugge.


  • Belgium Naval & Robotics favours the creation of high skilled and therefore sustainable jobs in order to ensure the continuity of these establishments beyond the programme duration of 20 years unlike the ship construction jobs that are more difficult to maintain once the programme is completed as the global competition in this sector is fierce.


  • Implementation of the Naval Group and ECA Robotics “Mine warfare” Business Units within the already existing companies in Belgium. All export activities in this field will be managed from Belgium.


  • 30 ships (of which 12 for the MCM programme): The Belgian-Dutch programme will be followed by the export sales that will be managed from Belgium, in particular thanks to the network of 40 navies throughout the world that are clients of Naval Group.


  • 1,550 unmanned vehicles (of which 1,300 unmanned underwater vehicles for mine clearing operations) will be manufactured in Belgium over the next 20 years. The unmanned vehicles that are proposed as part of the programme, the automatic launch and recovery systems (LARS) as well as the integration of these systems in the UMISOFT system have already been tested and used by different navies throughout the world among the 30 navies that are clients of ECA Robotics. A large part of these 1,550 unmanned vehicles will be exported from Belgium to the 30 marines throughout the world, clients of ECA Robotics.


  • Furthermore, 100% of the maintenance of ships and unmanned vehicles for which the consortium is responsible, will be carried out in Belgium.