Belgian Navy

ECA GROUP and iXblue strengthen their partnership and sign a contract for navigation, underwater positioning systems and obstacle avoidance sonars for Mine CounterMeasures replacement program for the Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navies

As part of the program to replace the naval Mine Counter Measures capability of the Belgian and Dutch navies, which includes the supply of twelve minehunters equipped with drones (Toolbox), ECA GROUP has signed an agreement with iXblue for the supply of Forward Looking Sonars (FLS), as well as inertial navigation and subsea positioning and […]

ECA Group reaches another milestone with regard to the unmanned vehicles that will be manufactured in Belgium for the mine warfare programme of the Belgian Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy

ECA Robotics, a French subsidiary of ECA Group, has recently signed a contract worth several hundred million euros. This contract comprises the outsourcing to its Belgian subsidiary ECA Robotics Belgium of the manufacturing and delivery of unmanned vehicles dedicated to the underwater mine counter measures as part of the renewal of the mine countermeasures capacity. […]

Our plan for cooperation, facts and figures

The Belgian industry will reap the full benefits of our strategic and industrial plan for cooperation as we commit to 4 billion Euro in turnover in Belgium over a period of 20 years of which more than 2,1 billion added value generated on Belgian territory, backed by 39 already existing partnerships. The consortium is based […]

Flanders Ship Repair – a strategic partner

  Belgium Naval & Robotics joins forces with Flanders Ship Repair for the future replacement programme for Dutch Belgian mine hunters. Flanders Ship Repair (FSR) shipyards will be responsible for the manufacture of many mechanical parts and sub-assemblies, as well as the maintenance of mine hunting vessels (MCMs). Flanders Ship Repair is a ship repair […]